Dunkertons Organic Vintage Cider

Producer: Dunkertons Cider Company Ltd.
Product: Certified organic cider.
Stats:  66 cl; 7,5%.
Method: Naturally ferme
nted: pasteurized, carbonized, filtered. Contains sulphites.
Apple Variety: Brown Snout, Foxwhelp, Balls Bitter Sweet, Yarlington Mill, Stoke Red.
Dryness Scale: Semi-dry. Contains 47 g/l of added sugar.
Flavour: hits you first with an extremely mouth-drying tannin taste and then a sprinkle of sweetness. Definitely a very strong cider with balls while having a fruity aftertaste, so quit your whining and get to drinking.
Aroma: Fermented apple juice, old basement, slightly cloying.
Recommendations: Stands on its own - one needs to know cider to reach for this one pint bottle of a proper British cider. I have noticed that this cider convinces even dedicated beer affectionados that cider is not for women and it is not overtly sweet. Works great with lamb and beef but not that well with pork. Definitely an independent drink for an independent thinker/drinker.
A medium blended sparkling cider. A special drink created to celebrate over 30 years of the Dunkertons cider craft. Made using the rare and very carefully chosen cider apple varieties that Ivor and Susie Dunkerton built their lives around. A uniquely Dunkerton flavour. None other like it.
Comments from Dunkertons cider maker Bill Ruxton can be found here HERE.
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