Manoir du Kinkiz Cidre de fouesnant

Producer: Manoir du Kinkiz (Quimper, Bretagne).
Product: Cider.
Stats:  75 cl; 5%.
Method: Keeving (cuvage). Fermented with wild yeast and with the natural fruit sugars of the apple itself. Contains sulphites.
Apple Variety: Made from special cider apples.
Dryness Scale: Semi-dry; very drying as to the mouthfeel.
Flavour: Astonishingly high in tannins with a little bit of residual sugars, characteristic for a keeved cider. Leaves a dry aftertaste  because of the abundance of tannins. The first sip is appley, the middle palate feels sugars and sourness, but everything is washed away by the bitterness and dryness of the thick apple skin of a proper cider apple specimen. Very earthy cider with strong smokey aftertaste.
Aroma: Extremely strong barnyardy aroma, also described as an old cellar, horse sweat and wet sheep. Additionally: damp leaves, dusk and deep amber feelings.
Recommendations: A very classy sip of a cider on its own, and I mean it. Could accompany a cigar smoker to his/hers special clandestine room for freemasons. Recommended foodpairings: pea soup with smoked meat, jerky, blue cheese, strawberries with whipped cream.

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