Manoir du kinkiz Cidre de Cornouaille AOP  

Producer:  Manoir du Kinkiz (Quimper, Bretagne).
Product: Cider.
Stats:  75 cl; 5%.

Method: Keeving (cuvage). Fermented with wild yeast and the sugars from the apples. After opening the bottle, one can store it in the fridge for a week, without the cider going flat.  Use a regular home wine bottle cork. For restaurants I recommend selling it by glass as the opened bottle of cider does not lose its vigour:))
Apple Variety: Made from special cider apples.
Dryness Scale: Semi-sweet.
Flavour: Very strong notes of tannin and a truly unforgettable craft cider. It is one of the rare ciders in the whole world where the tannins are so evidently present. The strong flavour combo will knock your taste buds right out of the park. An almost perfect cider, where acidity, sweetness, and bitterness are balanced, which is the hardest task to achieve in the cider world.
Aroma: Extremely strong barnyardy aroma profile, also described as old cellar, horse sweat and wet sheep. Those who know Brettanomyces, might clap your hands. Those who consider it a defect, will complain.
Recommendations: Stands on its own. Should be served at about 7 °C, which is slightly warmer than a regular cider serving temperature. This cider is quite red wine like as to the tannin levels and opens fully up after a while. Recommended foods include:   pea soup with smoked meat, jerky, blue cheese, strawberries with whipped cream. Also pairs well with pork and fermented dishes (sauerkraut; various pickles). Might complement chili and other hot spices.  However, this cider can’t be drunk a lot at a time- it’s too rich for gulping down without commitment.

The price shown includes a deposit fee (0,10 euros) and tax (20%).