Producer: Smiltenes sidra darītava.
Product Type: Cider.
Stats:  75 cl; 6,7 %. 

Method: Méthode Traditionnelle.

Apple Variety: Latvian dessert apples, including ‘’Paide Taliõun.’’
Dryness Scale: Pussalds (semi-sweet), added sugar is appr. 7g/l – no exact information from the producer; estimated by taste.
Flavour: A beautiful combination of sweet and sour. The ciders from the Baltics are getting known for their high acidity (due to the cold climate), and for the crisp flavour, as this region uses dessert apples, instead of special cider apple varieties. The ciders from the best producers do not lose their fresh aroma even after 3 years of aging. Because of its high acidity this cider doesn’t feel semi-sweet in the palate, but rather semi-dry, therefore quite passable for a dryish cider.
Aroma: A more hidden apple aroma than Smiltenes’ Brut. Slightly woody and sugary, because there’s more sugar in the semi-sweet.
Recommendations: As an independent welcoming drink, and furthermore, as a replacement for a sparkling wine, preferable for the lower alcohol content.

The price shown includes a deposit fee (0,10 euros) and tax (20%).