Catherine et Frédérick Pacory Poiré Domfront ADP

Producer: Pacory-Ferme des Grimaux.
Product: Perry.
Stats: 75 cl; 4%.
Method: Naturally carbonated. Contains sulphites. ADP aka Appellation Domfront Protégée means that this perry is made from the famous Domfront area perry pears.
Pear Variety: Plant de Blanc (80%).
Dryness Scale: Drier than the AOP Domfront.
Flavour: There is a slight touch of the honey-like sweetness. Acids are under control and the hints of bark in the aftertaste are very faint. The honey-like flavor turns into more of a vanilla as the taste progresses. A beautifully combined flavour palette. More elderflowerly than L’Ideal.
Aroma: Modest aroma that has hints of herbs and vanilla.
Recommendations: On its own. Very enjoyable even for the inexperienced perry lovers.

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