Dunkertons Organic Perry  (33 cl)

Producer: Dunkertons Cider Company Ltd.
Product: Certified organic perry. 100% fermented pear juice. A  very rare specimen indeed.
Stats:  33 cl; 7,5%.

Method: Naturally fermented: pasteurized, carbonized, filtered. Contains sulphites.
Pear Variety: Merrylegs, Red Horse, Moorcroft, Painted Ladym, Thorn, Brandy, Judge Amphlett.
From Dunkertons Cider website:

Though relatively uncommon perry pear trees are easily identified in an orchard landscape by their great height and cascading white blossom. Some of these majestic perry trees are over 300 years old. The mature trees can very often produce over a ton of pears. We harvest and press a range of traditional varieties with wonderful names such as Merrylegs, Red Horse, Moorcroft, Painted Lady and, Thorn. Each variety of perry pear is pressed, fermented and stored separately and then blended a year after pressing.

Dryness Scale: semi-sweet. Contains 38 g/l of added sugar.
Flavour: This perry is more carbonated than the others and you can truly taste the bitter-sweetness right away. It has a very interesting, specific, and powerful flavour palette. In the aftertaste one can recognize both the dryness and the sweetness. An utterly sour flavour experience due to the unfermentable sorbitol.
Aroma: A sweet and sour aroma. Differs from cider due to its very cloying scent.
Recommendations: Suits better when it’s complimentary to food and not so much on its own. Well, this is very subjective, of course. Pairs well with Eastern cuisine, but also with  meat dishes, rice, and pasta.
Comments from Dunkertons cider maker Bill Ruxton can be found here HERE.
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