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by pommelier Kaire Jakobson,
the only cider sommelier in the Baltic States.

Tasting No 1:  Overview of Craft Cider.
6 ciders + 1 perry.
SUITABLE FOR:   general overview; for people who do not know cider.
PRICE:                        20 eur + VAT 20% = 24 eur/ participant; min.          participation fee 100 eur + VAT (20%).
LENGTH:                 1,5-2 hours (2 hours when the snacks are included).
         NB! Ask for a shortened tasting for tourist groups!!
DESCRIPTION:   Comparison of the Baltic cider against the cider from the traditional regions. Cider terminology: cider vs. craft cider; perry; single varietals; flavoured ciders; cider making techniques & philosophies. Busting the most common cider myths.

Tasting No 2:  Overview of Estonian Ciders.

6 Estonian craft ciders + 1 Estonian perry.
   people, who are interested in the local flavours; cider enthusiasts.
25 eur + VAT 20% = 30 eur/ participant; min. participation fee 125 eur + VAT (20%).
                1,5-2 hours (2 hours when the snacks are included).
NB! Ask for a shortened tasting for tourist groups!!
7 Estonian made whole juice alcoholic bewerages: a bottle conditioned cider; a traditional method cider; a flavoured cider, and/ or an Estonian perry (made from pear juice). An overview of cider production in Estonia. The sensory aspects of the local ciders.

Tasting No 3: The Story of Estonian Cider.
A tasting in a seminar format.
10 different types of Estonian made apple bewerages.
SUITABLE FOR:   food and drink connoisseurs; people who are interested in apple fruit products.
PRICE:                      Group bookings only; price depends on the group size.
LENGTH:                2-2,5 hours (2,5 hours when the snacks are included).
DESCRIPTION:   The tasting contains: full juice apple lemonade; cider; 2 flavoured ciders; apple sparkling wine; apple wine; ice cider; apple brandy. One learns to discern the regionally specific apple flavour in different apple-based bewerages. The presentation of Estonian Cider Route on screen. A total overview of the appr. 12 whole juice cider producers: their cider making philosophy; orchard based production; gypsy producers; cider status issues.

Tasting No 4: Cider & Food Pairing.
5-course cider pairing dinner in co-operation with a designated restaurant, or with a private kitchen.
SUITABLE FOR:   tailored event for food connoisseurs.
PRICE:                      Group bookings only; the price depends on the group size.
LENGTH:                min. 3 hours.
DESCRIPTION:   Cider is new wine. The vast array of flavours and concepts makes cider very versatile. It can be served as a welcoming drink, as an aperitif, as a food companion, or as a digestif. Additionally, there are no alcohol and low alcohol ciders, that can proudly substitute their alcoholic equivalents. The food served is a mix of indigenous ingredients, and can be tailored to suit any kind of dietary restrictions, and food allergies.

This is convenient when there is a limited amount of time.
Tastings No. 1, or No. 2 can be carried out on a bus during the trip to some sightseeing destination. These tastings can also be combined with a guided tour to a cider production site along Estonian Cider Route:

Snacks for 4-10 persons: 60 eur + VAT (20%)
Snacks for 10-20 persons: 80 eur + VAT (20%)

NB! Siidrimaja can fit 1-12 persons.
For larger groups, bigger facilities can be rented for the price of 30-40 eur + VAT (20%)/ per hour.